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Jom Cuti-Cuti Terengganu with PLUS and Tourplus! 

Start planning your trip with family & friends to travel to Terengganu between 21 Oct to 31 Dec 2022 & stand a chance to win the cashback in just a few simple steps!

20 lucky winners will be selected to win cashback up to RM1,000 *each!

Start planning your trip with family & friends to travel to Terengganu between 21 Oct to 31 Dec 2022 & stand a chance to win the cashback in just a few simple steps!

20 lucky winners will be selected to win cashback up to RM1,000 *each!


1. How do I win the cashback?

Drive, Snap, Post and Win! Sign up to participate in the campaign. Drive along  Lebuhraya Pantai Timur 2 (LPT2) Highway and make stops at promoted locations or any hidden gems on the way to /  from Terengganu. Take picture & write a review for the location & post it into the Tourplus app. You will need to submit a minimum of 3 reviews of different locations in Terengganu to qualify for up to RM1,000 cashback lucky draw! Remember, the more reviews being made, the more entry chances you’ll receive.

2. If I lose my expenses receipt, could I still participate in this contest?

Original, valid printed, or scanned copies of expenses receipts are needed as a proof for prize redemption in this contest, this includes but not limited to hotel accommodation, petrol, TnG / RFID toll transactions during the campaign period. For more information, please refer to our terms and conditions.

3. Can I participate in the contest with a group of friends, if we win do all of us get RM1,000 cashback each?

If you are traveling in a group, we suggest to have everyone registered to participate in this contest. Each individual’s review on the Tourplus app is considered as part of the entry of its own, so your group will increase the chance of winning. Do note that winners are individually selected randomly by the system.

4. Can I use the Terengganu hotel booking receipt as proof to participate in this contest?

Yes, as long as you are registered and use LPT2  to travel during the campaign period

5. How do I get the proof that I traveled LPT2?

Upon registration, you’ll be requested for your TnG card nunber / RFID number. Just remember to use the same T&G card/RFID when you are traveling at LPT2. 

6. How many winners are there and how will I know if I have won?

There are total of 20 winners will be selected randomly from the qualifying entries received and we will announce the winner through PLUS and Tourplus Facebook, Instagram, and E-mail. Follow us to get the latest news about this contest. To be eligible claim the cashback, you must be a Tourplue app & PLUSMiles member to claim the cashback. Keep all your expenses receipts for the cashback.

7. How do I register as a PLUSMiles member?

All participants of this campaign will be automatically registered as a PLUSMiles member when you sign up to participate in the campaign. You will be receiving a notification from PLUSMiles to activate your user account and reset password within the campaign period. Existing PLUSMiles members will not be affected, just ensure that you key in the same email address you registered for PLUSMiles for this contest participation.

PLUSMiles is a rewards program by PLUS Berhad to reward PLUS customers for using our highways. All members get to collect 1 PLUSMiles Point for every kilometer traveled for Class I vehicles on PLUS & LPT2 highways, by registering any Touch ‘n Go card/RFID Tag in PLUSMiles. PLUSMiles Points can be used to redeem various gifts and vouchers via our redemption portal at 


8. Why do I need to provide my TNG Card or RFID Tag number when participating in the PLUS x Tourplus contest?

Travel to Terengganu via LPT2 Highway is part of the condition of the contest, hence, we will need the detail of the TNG Card/RFID Tag that you will be using while traveling on LPT2. 


9. Who should I contact if I have issues with my PLUS App / PLUSMiles Website login?

If you have inquiries related to PLUSMiles account, you may send your feedback to and PLUS team will assist you accordingly.


10. Who should I contact if I have queries about the contest?

If you have any queries about the contest, you may reach us at and Tourplus team will assist you accordingly.


11. Can I participate in the PLUS x Tourplus contest on behalf of another person?

No, you can only participate in this contest for yourself.


12. Can the same TNG Card or RFID Tag number be used to register for different persons in order to participate in this PLUS x Tourplus contest?

No, only one (1) TNG Card or RFID Tag number can be registered to one (1) Participant of the contest at any one time.

13. What is the cut-off time for me to participate in PLUS x Tourplus contest prior to my journey?

You have to participate in this contest as your journey begins at interval of 21 Oct 12:00 am until 31 Dec 2022 11:59 pm (“contest period”)

14. If I go to Terengganu by plane, can I use the flight ticket as proof to participate in this contest?

No, you will have to use LPT2 by car to be eligible to enter the contest.

15. What pictures should I post/share to participate in the contest?

You can take any pictures of the location, food & beverage or any hidden gems along Terengganu and upload them on the Tourplus app. 

16. Do I get RM1,000 cashback when I won?

The cashback given is up to RM1,000. It will depend on how much you spend throughout the journey to Terengganu. Eg, if I spend total bill of RM900 including transportation, accommodation, leisure, food & beverage, I will be getting RM900 if I won. 

Terms and Conditions *

1) This campaign commences on 21th October and closes on 31st December 2022 (“contest period”). Tourplus Technology Sdn Bhd and PLUS Malaysia Berhad (“Collectively Co-Organisers”) reserve the right to shorten or extend the contest period without prior notice. All entries received outside the campaign period shall be automatically disqualified.

2) Participants must register to participate at the landing page .Signing up to the campaign will automatically register participants as a user of Tourplus and PLUSMiles member. Kindly ensure the detail provided is true and valid as it will be used for verification purposes for prize redemption.

3) Minimum 3 photo reviews of location at Terengganu, Malaysia, within the Tourplus app during the campaign period, including but notwithstanding to food and beverage at R&R Terengganu, point of attraction, hidden gems, travel information, are accepted as an entry to participate into the RM1,000 cash back lucky draw winning of this campaign.

4) This contest is open to all Malaysian citizens above 18 years of age excluding employees and immediate family of employees of Co-Organiser.

5) Only original, valid printed, electronic copies or scanned copies of expenses receipts will be accepted. This includes Touch ‘N Go / RFID / Smart Tag. Any receipt that is illegible, mutilated, altered, duplicated, tampered with, not obtained legitimately, contains printing typographical, mechanical, or other errors, or unclear printing without the required information is invalid and will not be accepted. The organizer reserves the sole discretion and rights to disqualify such invalid expenses receipts.

6) The participant is required to produce proof of identity during or prior to prize redemption for purposes of verification. A failure to provide any proof of identity entitles the Co-Organisers to disqualify the participant/winner.

7) Participants shall assume full liability and responsibility in case of any accident, injury, damage, or claim resulting from participation in this contest.

8) By participating in this contest, participants consent to give their personal information, and the Co-Organisers reserve the right to publish and use the winners’ names and/or photographs plus their entries for purposes of publicity, advertising, and/or trade without further compensation or notice and each participant is not entitled to make any claims for the use of their entries by the Co-Organisers.

9) By participating in this contest, participants agree to be bound by the official terms and conditions and decisions of the Co-Organisers.

10)  The Co-Organisers reserve the right to amend, delete or add to these terms and conditions without any prior notice at any time and the participants shall be bound to such changes.

11)  Co-Organisers’ decision is final. Any correspondence pertaining to the decision made by the Co-Organisers will not be entertained.