The 10 Places for Drinks In Penang

天下第一客栈 Magazine 63 Penang


Being called Magazine 63, the name of this hidden bar doesn’t resemble a bar; but a factory instead. Upon entering this place, you may feel suspicious about the place based on its slightly shabby outdoor, but once you walk through the second door, the old Chinese style decoration in the bar would blow your mind.


Beso Rosado


Beso Rosado (Golden Shower by Chin Chin) is one of Penang’s best cocktail bars. There are several meal recommendations from this place- Bikini Tuna Cheek, Cod Fish, and Oyster, all of which were superbly prepared.


The Pokok – All Day Bar


THE POKOK  is fantastic as it allows customers to enjoy live band performance in a relaxing atmosphere. The beer, on the other hand, is well-priced.


The Beer Factory @ Raja Uda


The Beer Factory ambiance is amazing. During happy hour, beer is cheap. Their food menu is adequate, and the food is tasty. This is a place to go if you want to relax and enjoy a nice time with your family or friends.


Manchu Bar 满族酒吧


Furnished in a Chinese post-modern style, Manchu Bar is a great place to hang out for drinks. It’s tough to locate the door from the outside, but once you get in, you’ll feel as though you’ve entered another vintage haven.


Out Of Nowhere (Hold Up! 等等)


Out Of Nowhere (Hold Up! 等等) seems small from the outside, but there is a secret courtyard behind the door of a refrigerator. They also serve coffee made from oat milk (vegan friendly).


The 12 Senses


Find the door of The 12 Senses to this secret bar as a challenge. It might take you some time, but once you get it, you will be welcomed with a warm and friendly environment, which is ideal for cocktail fans. The drinks come with a fruity taste, hence its more popular among ladies.


Backdoor Bodega


Backdoor Bodega, a nice speakeasy that sells one of Penang’s best-value local-infused cocktails, is well covered at the back of the store. For them to let you in, you must knock on the orange door.


Rockafellas Kitchen & Bar


Drinks at Rockafellas Kitchen & Bar are excellent while the atmosphere is pretty fantastic. Not only that the drinks are special, but the bartenders are friendly too.


Three Sixty Revolving Restaurant and Rooftop Bar Kitchen & Bar


Imagine getting yourself delicious dishes and an aerial view of Penang island in a perfect 360 degree length. That’s what you will get in Three Sixty Revolving Restaurant and Rooftop Bar Kitchen & Bar.

6 Supper Places In Penang

Restoran KSB Cahaya – New ABU


Abu Mamak is a popular spot for dinner in Penang. There are many options on the menu, including Maggie Goreng Ayam, Roti John, and Nasi Goreng Ayam. The staff services are excellent and can be entertaining sometimes.




SUPPER (George Town) is a perfect place a nightlife. The Tom Yum and Milk Tea are those must-try food here! Not forget to munch some Sio Bak (Pork) for your side dish too.


Restoran Yunus Khan – Jiao Sai (鸟粪)


Ughh…Jiao Sai? Don’t get freaked out. It’s not what you think, but it’s a place for maggie lovers. Out of so many recommendations, we highly suggest you try their fried chicken and maggie goreng (with choices of side dishes based on customers’ preferences).


Pos Burger Jelutong


In Penang, the P.O.S Burger Jelutong is a well-known burger. There are a range of burgers available, including deer and rabbit meat patties! A word of caution: expect to wait. The wait can be longer than 20 minutes, but it is well worth it.


Green House Prawn Mee Corner


Green House Prawn Mee Corner serves real Penang Hokkien Mee (Prawn Noodles). The stall, which is located in a small colonial shop in Burmah Road, offers some of the best Hokkien Mee in town.


Restoran Ju Heng – TOM YUM


Ju Heng / Joo Heng is one of the most famous tomyam noodle stalls in Raja Uda. Kuey Teow, Bihun, and instant noodles are among the noodle options. Tomyam broth is salty with a hint of sweetness. Customers are free to choose their own side dishes through a wide selection of buffet-style food display in the shop.