10 Tasty Milk Tea Places In Penang

霸王茶姬 BaWangChaJi


霸王茶姬 BaWangChaJi @ George Town is a new milk tea shop in a heritage house with a relaxing atmosphere, The second outlet-  霸王茶姬 BaWangChaJi @ Icon City BM is located in the mainland part of Penang.




INSTEA – Penang Macalister is a relaxing place and a good spot to hang out with friends. Anyone who plans for a chic hangout place will usually visit this location as they open until late at night. The cheese drinks are well-known, and their fruit tea is lovely.




Hojicha in Chatto – Handcrafted Tea Bar Georgetown is tasty, and its Matcha mochi Taiyakki is also unique. While the atmosphere is calm and relaxing, the restroom is kept clean all the time as well.


Xing Fu Tang 幸福堂


Xing Fu Tang 幸福堂 is a stylish and relaxing cafe with bubble teas and fruity drinks available at a time. Not only that the cafe is all white, but there are several seats available on the group stage and on the second floor as well.

Tiger Sugar 老虎堂


Tiger Sugar – Gurney Plaza is one of the nicest cafés with its finest burble milk tea!! They make the tea with black sugar, which gives it a very rich and tasty flavour!  The second outlet in Penang is located at Tiger Sugar Hutton Lane Penang.




Daboba Pearl Milk Tea with Roasted Brown Sugar is a match made in heaven. The pearls are soft and chewy while the roasted flavour is being the most prominent which makes it outstanding than others.


Venzy Tea


Venzy Tea – Karpal Singh Drive is one of the best stores with the most bubbles in their bubble teas. Many youngsters like to visit them at night when the interior looks more like a cyber-style nightclub which makes the entire environment more alluring than others.


Black Whale 黑鲸


Black Whale came with sweeter drinks than other bubble teas, and it’s still good. The atmosphere in its physical shop is comforting with good music playing in the background. Their highest recommendation- ‘Royal Milk Tea’ is something that shouldn’t be slipped off when visiting this place.


The Yunique Tea 御黑堂


The Brown Sugar Bearioca Tea, being the best drink in The Yunique Tea, is famous for its mild sweet level and creamy milk flavour. Besides that, the Cheesy Watermelon has also been mixed into the tea which somehow goes well with the taste as well.

The Alley 鹿角巷


The Boba Milk from The Alley @ Nagore Square can be listed as one of the locals’ favorite Boba milk drinks in Penang. The quality offered in this shop is superlative- fresh and creamy milk, nice brown sugar, chewy and plentiful Boba, and friendly staff. It’s a place people usually go to whenever the craving for boba milk tea comes into mind.