The 10 NEW Must-Try Cafes In Penang

Norm Micro Roastery

Norm Micro Roastery is a cafe and coffee roaster where people visit to relax and enjoy a nice cup of coffee. It is located in the center of the business district in Penang.



TEMU is a hidden cafe in Penang with an exquisite design that has attracted a lot of customers to take photos. The icon ‘TEMU’ is a play on the letter M, as it describes two people meeting or shaking hands. This logo’s origins can be traced back to the meaning of the word ‘Temu,’ which leads to the tagline “Kamu & Kopi.”


STAIRS The.World

The word “STAIRS” may be familiar to coffee connoisseurs. STAIRS The. World, the high ceiling outlet, is located in George Town, Penang. It’s the best place for cafe wanderers to visit in their free time.


Little Collins Street

It’s a cafe with good reviews, a nice ambiance, delicious pastry and coffee, and friendly staff. Other than that, the cafe design is also very industry-inspired, which makes it another instagrammable location in Penang.


Project CAN

High-quality coffee with a natural feel. Project CAN provides you with a convenient and inexpensive range of comfort food to fill your stomach and satisfy your hunger. Find your Chill and Nourishment at CAN.



This cafe serves food with a mixture of traditional Chinese cuisine and modern folk cooking. One of the most distinguishing selling points is their TOK TOK MEE and the coffee with the glass cup.


Boston Coffee

Boston Coffee had a live band from 8 – 10 p.m. every Friday. You can enjoy the music while sipping their coffee. This Cafe can be transformed into a multi-functional event house perfect for parties, gatherings, functional talks, and product launches.


The Craftisan

Special and handcrafted coffee, as well as handmade cookies and snacks, can be found at The Craftisan. The cafe brings you high-quality and handcrafted delights whenever you munch their food down your throat.


Hanakoya Flower Café Penang

Hanakoya Flower Café in Penang offers a completely exclusive dining experience. While the environment is relaxing and polishing at the same time. this place is perfect for filling dinners, afternoon teas, special dates, and special events.


Brown Pocket Cafe

Brown Pocket is a coffee shop that specializes in Liege pancakes and waffles. It is a perfect hangout spot for premium couverture chocolate desserts and great coffee.