Top 11 Places In Penang For Really Good Nyonya Food


Winn’s Cafe

Winn’s Cafe is Nyonya Cuisine in Penang. On its menu, this place has a wide variety of authentic Nyonya dishes. ‘otak-otak’, salted fish bone curry, ‘inch kabin’, ‘Gula Melaka Sago’ and homemade lemonade.


Jawi House Cafe Gallery

The Karim family of Punjabi-Jawi Peranakan ancestors developed this incredible cuisine back in six generations in George Town and four generations of women who founded Jawi Home before. The Malays know Jawi Peranakan cuisine as ‘food for feasting’.


Moh Teng Pheow Nyonya Koay

This restaurant is a 60-year-old Kuih factory that has been churning out one of the finest Nyonya meals from zesty laksa, rich curries, and lovely Nyonya Kuihs for decades.


Bibik’s Kitchen Nyonya Cuisine

This restaurant runs by a mother and a daughter, where genuine home-cooked Nyonya food is served. In addition, Bibik’s Kitchen Nyonya Cuisine will not only give you a homey feeling of home cooked food, but also of the place’s climate.


Auntie Gaik Lean’s Old School Eatery

Serving authentic Nyonya cuisine, this place has a range of common dishes, such as sambal brinjal and egg belanda that can be hard to find on this island. This location, however, is on the pricier side, but the ‘nasi ulam’ is certainly worth a try.


The Little Nyonya Cuisine

The location of this spot is perfect for you to grab a bite to fuel up during your shopping day. Besides that, this cozy spot is also well-known for its nasi lemak and curry chicken.


Ivy’s Nyonya Cuisine

In Penang, this cozy spot offers moderately pricey Nyonya food. However, owing to the restricted seating to deter any embarrassment, it is safer to make reservations.


Perut Rumah Nyonya Cuisine

Perut Rumah serves Nyonya cuisine in Penang and it’s certainly no stranger to the locals. Although it may be on the more expensive side, you can certainly taste the quality of the food.


Nyonya Willow

Most of the places with Nyonya food are located downtown. Thus, this location is ideal for those who live in Bayan Lepas. This place offers sumptious nyonya food such as Nasi ulam, sambal petai, and perut ikan, and more.


Nyonya Breeze Desire

This is one of Penang’s famous Nyonya cuisines and the location is suitable for individuals to savour their lunch before window shopping. Hong bak, asam prawns, pork intestine broth, and chicken curry kapitan are things that must be attempted.


Kafe Empat Sekawan

A restaurant in Perai, Penang and it’s definitely no stranger to the locals. The old shop was named after Home Cafe.家 Penang while Kafe Empat Sekawan being the new store on the market

Top 7 Place to Get Penang Good Nyonya Kuih

Moh Teng Pheow Nyonya Koay

The oldest kuih factory churning out one of the finest Nyonya meals around for decades from zesty laksa, rich curries, and beautiful Nyonya Kuihs.


Kheng Kaya and Nonya Kuih @ Batu Lanchang Market

This simple stall sells kuih, which on a regular basis is meticulously handmade. They serve a wide variety of Kuihs, including Kaya Kuih, Kuih Silat (Serimuka) and Kuih Talam.


Cecil Street Market 七条路巴刹

This is a huge market and it looks very higgledy piggledy, but this is a very nice, clean and well managed market that doesn’t let that scare you off. Examples include hawkers, char koey tiao, Nyonya kuih, and more.


Kuih Culture

Situated on Kimberly Lane, Kuih Culture is located at the center of the tourist attraction. Each of their kuih goes through a long phase, providing a comprehensive selection of kuih, and are made daily to bring you the freshest kuih in town.


Li Er Cafe 莉儿

Li Er Cafe, one of the low-key cafes offers popular food such as pulut tai tai, kuih kowcee, kuih talam, angkoo, kuih lapis, and many more.


Mama Kuih 妈妈糕

It’s one of the best homemade Penang nyonya kuihs in town with a mean Malaiko, also known as Mama Kuih – this springy and soft steamed cake topped with crisp watermelon seeds is rather tasty with the fragrant sweetness of palm sugar.


Eaton Kuih Centre Sdn. Bhd.

In the year of 1983, Datuk & Datin Thor were dedicated to set up Eaton Kuih Centre Sdn Bhd. Starting from small production, the delicacy of Eaton has received tremendous positive response from the public. Penang famous Huat Kuih and Tapiaca are also the top recommendations in Eaton.