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Top-4 Malls in Malaysia With Picturesque Christmas Decor in 2021

By Max Tan

No one ever gets bored celebrating the Christmas season, and there’s definitely no one who would deliberately hinder themselves from admiring the breathtaking view of dreamy Christmas decorations when entering a public place.

Ranging from the stunning lights and ornaments on the trees to the supporting accessories in the surrounding area that escalate the theme of the festivity, there’s so much for one’s eyes to enjoy!

While the day is approaching, many are wondering about the best place to catch a glimpse of the Christmas decor. “But there are so many places for that, which one to choose?”, you may ask. Most places are indeed giving you that eye-pampering experience with various Christmas themes available. If you want a place with a picturesque setup for your Instagram splash, we bring you a list of 4 shopping malls in Malaysia that you should visit before Christmas ends.

Gurney Plaza, Penang

(Photo: Joel Teh)


What’s a Christmas to you if you hadn’t seen the White Christmas before? Gurney Plaza, a non-stranger mall for fellow Penangites, presents the White Wonderland at the Centre Atrium of its shopping mall.

Walking around the decor, visitors get to admire beautiful settings- the castle with a golden bird that chirps every hour, the white swan, Rudolph the red-nose reindeer, and the KARL LAGERFELD Christmas tree- all within the wonderland.

A few promotional activities are happening at Gurney Plaza this holiday season, so be sure to check out their social media: Facebook and Instagram for more information.

Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur

(Image credit: Pavilion KL)


Hopping down to Bukit Bintang in Kuala Lumpur, there’s a popular shopping mall that will never fail to amaze visitors with their lavish Christmas decorations- Pavilion KL it is!

It’s not new that their outdoor site has always been an instagrammable spot with the surrounding 2D-motion screens on the nearby buildings. This year’s Christmas, Pavilion KL added the magic to that magical spot by installing a majestic Christmas tree at the main entrance and fairy tales creatures along the fountain area.

It’s one of the best destinations that provide dreamy Christmas vibes to shoppers and visitors in that bustling district.

The Mall, Mid Valley Southkey, Johor

(Video credit: Leo Chaplin)


Next up, we’ve got good news for those who live in Southern-Peninsula Malaysia, especially Johoreans. If you can’t live without gingerbread during Christmas, you should definitely take a tour to The Mall, Mid Valley Southkey in JB.

Unlike the other two listed above, Mid Valley Southkey came with a different Christmas decor- not better, but quite individually- which would also stir your festive excitement. Imagine walking along with the gingerbread houses and figures with Christmas trees rising in between to evoke your craving for gingerbread and candies, isn’t that what gives meaning to the Christmas reunions?

There is also merchandise available at the center atrium, which is the spot of this gingerbread land. While losing yourself in the amazement of sweet compositions, never forget to buy some souvenirs and presents for your beloved ones.

The Spring Mall, Sarawak

(Image credit: The Spring)


What makes Christmas in Sarawak more interesting is that the citizens are mostly Christians, which is why the festival is highly celebrated by most churches and the disciples that elevate the atmosphere in that region.

Last but not least, we have a shopping mall that’s situated in Kuching, Sarawak. The Spring is Kuching’s one-stop shopping destination for international fashion, beauty brands, lifestyle cafes, and entertainment activities. As expected, they came with quaint Christmas decorations (indoor and outdoor), and in fact, they installed the most attractive decor in East Malaysia.

The tall Christmas Tree at their outdoor parking space is by far the most iconic embodiment we could find in this country, with the ornaments of local flora and butterflies to embellish the Christmas vibes in a more localized style. The indoor decorations, on the other hand, are modest and creative enough for their current Blooming Christmas Bazaar events. Visitors can shop for various gifts through the bazaar with special offers available.

Christmas this year, despite some restrictions due to the pandemic, is somewhat expected to be more lively than last year. While we understand that many of you are excited about the Christmas decorations, let’s not forget to preserve the SOPs and make sure you only go out if you are fully vaccinated. We hope you have a great Christmas in advance!

Travelling during the National Recovery Plan (NPR)

  • The tourism bubble is only eligible for fully vaccinated individuals, except those living in the EMCO areas.
  • Children below 18 without vaccinations are allowed to travel with fully vaccinated parents.
  • Tourists must present their digital certificate of COVID-19 vaccination whenever asked by the authorities.
  • Tourists must bring along the receipts and booking confirmation as evidence that they are visiting for vacation.
  • Tourists are allowed to travel by flight and land. However, they are instructed to book the transportations through a tour agency if they journey by land.
  • Most travel activities are allowed to resume, such as nature parks, aquariums, zoos, museums, galleries, theme parks, and other activities such as watersports, jungle trekking, hiking, camping, island hopping, and more.
  • Hotel facilities and amenities such as swimming pools, gyms, and lounges can resume their operations as usual.
  • Everyone still requires to follow the SOPs to minimize the risk of virus outbreak despite the relaxation applied.
  • Swab test is essential prior to departure.

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