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Tourism Malaysia Attains International Award For Its Video ‘AMAZING’

By Joel Teh

Tourism Malaysia, in collaboration with SHARP and Chilli Pepper Films, announced on 2nd July 2021 that they have been named the Special Award “MAGIC EYE” for Best Framework at the 21st WorldMediaFestivals, under the Tourism & Travel Media Awards category.

The two minutes and twenty-six-second video titled ‘AMAZING’ came into this recognition with tremendous efforts- The first 8K video (Truly Aquos 8K, Truly Asia Malaysia) by Tourism Malaysia and SHARP, and made possible under the supervision of Mark Toia, the globally acclaimed commercial and film director, with the cooperation of the crew from Chili Pepper Films as well.

On top of that, the creative production has also secured a place among four other winners under the Advertising category for the 2021 Tourism & Travel Media intermedia-globe Gold Award. Fortunately and deserving enough, the ‘AMAZING’ video shares the recognition with four other winners from Thailand, Japan, and Austria.

‘AMAZING’ captures the true essence of the multi-colour, multicultural, and multi-racial Malaysia, alongside the wondrous attractions across the country. For instance, traditional dance, close-up shots of some animals, iconic buildings, underwater views, and forest scenes are some of the marvelous elements that added extensive value to the themed video.

About WorldMediaFestivals

(The trophies won from WorldMediaFestivals 2021. Image credit: Tourism Malaysia)

Based in Germany’s media metropolis, Hamburg, WorldMediaFestivals has been honouring media excellence on a truly global scale for the past 21 years covering audiovisual, print, and online productions from areas such as information, education, and entertainment.

The 2021 Hall of Fame is divided into two main categories: the Television & Corporate Media Awards and the Tourism & Travel Media Awards. Due to restrictions caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, winners were announced online on the WorldMediaFestivals’ official website.

The complete list of winners in 2021 is visible on the Hall of Fame webpage.

‘AMAZING’ Video and Award Testimonials by The Nominees

As proud Malaysians, we’re extremely thrilled with the achievements. Not only have we once again witnessed the growth of reputation in our media industry, but our tourism sector will expect higher popularity once the pandemic is wiped off.

The fellow nominees who represented Malaysia in this competition have delivered a few words of appreciation upon receiving this recognition. “This recognition would not be possible without the effort and assistance of everyone involved. To the production team, congratulations on this well-deserved achievement,” said Mr. Zulkifly Md Said, Director General of Tourism Malaysia.

He also stated, “We look forward to having further collaborations with SHARP, hopefully in the near future. There are still so many attractions in Malaysia to be highlighted through the lens of SHARP, especially our off-the-beaten-track destinations, our rich flora and fauna, and our blessed natural resources.”

Acknowledging the fact that this award-winning video was the first Visit Malaysia campaign video shot in 8K resolution, Mr. Robert Wu, SHARP Deputy CEO of ASEAN and Chairman of Sharp Electronics Malaysia said, “Our 8K technology enables unprecedented ultra-realistic resolution which reproduces images to appear physically present before a viewer’s eyes. This immersive visual experience is second to none and we are honoured to be recognized in this award.”

“SHARP will continue extending our support to Tourism Malaysia by showcasing the award-winning video across our global network through our Aquos TV panels,” he added.

About Tourism Malaysia, SHARP, and Chilli Pepper Films

  • Tourism Malaysia:
    Malaysia Tourism Promotion Board, also known as Tourism Malaysia, is an agency under the Ministry of Tourism, Arts & Culture Malaysia that focuses on promoting Malaysia as a preferred tourism destination.
  • Sharp Electronics (Malaysia):
    Established in 1985 and formerly known as Sharp Malaysia Sales & Service Company (M) Sdn Bhd, Sharp Electronics (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. is the marketing arm of the Sharp Group in Malaysia and is responsible for the sales, marketing, and promotion of all Sharp products in the country.
  • Chilli Pepper Films:
    Founded in 1996, Chilli Pepper Films is a production and project management company that continually achieves eye-catching results through high standards production in the advertising and entertainment industries.​

(Featured Image credit: Tourism Malaysia)

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