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5 Fun Activities To Explore in Pantai Tengah, Langkawi

By Max Tan

Your journey goes like this…

You came to Pantai Tengah, with all the perks of luxury staycation you’ve acquired to make this trip an enjoyable one. However, your next concern arose. Despite being one of the famous locations in the renowned Pulau Langkawi, Pantai Tengah doesn’t possess as much sightseeing as other places within these 99 archipelago islands.

While so, there are still things that you could recce around and be satisfied with your pastimes there. Thus, we’re here to deliver you 5 activities to explore so that you can make use of your journey in Pantai Tengah to the fullest.

Beach Retreat

(Photo by Nur Syafiqah on Unsplash)

What else can you not do if you happen to be in a place notable for its beach scenes? The first thing to consider on your bucket list is definitely to spend some recreational time at the beach nearby. Whichever activity you choose to pursue- having fun with the inflatable balls, playing dragon balls, building sandcastles, picnicking with friends and families, strolling around, reading, or just lying on the sand for the sunbathing- a mini-retreat at the beach will be a quality choice to enhance your holiday experience.

Some beach areas nearby that you may visit in Pantai Tengah include Pantai Cenang, Pantai Tengah Beach, and Dataran Cenang.

Island Hopping Tours

(Photo by Tobi Law on Unsplash)

Next to the beach, island hopping is another activity people usually like to do when they are in the archipelago area. As Langkawi itself consists of 99 islands of Malacca Straits and Pantai Tengah is surrounded by some as well, an ocean crossing with a series of adventures between islands would be fun!

Rating from RM88 onwards, this activity is being defined as the most popular go-to in Langkawi. You’d be surprised that Pantai Tengah is the place where boats depart for roundabout tours. Most of the common islands that visitors would drop by during the island hopping are Pulau Dayang Bunting, Pulau Beras Basah, and Pulau Singa Besar.

It’s recommended that tourists should seek guidance from the agencies for island hopping tours. In Langkawi, especially the Pantai Tengah area, there are a few of them available. For instance, Langkawi by, Amazing Langkawi, Mega Water Sports, Tripcarte.Asia, Langkawi Escape Travel, and more are the groups that you could approach when taking island hopping activity.

Hiking and Jungle Trekking

(Photo by edge Creative Solution on Unsplash)

If you are looking for some adrenaline rush apart from the marine activities, hiking and jungle trekking would be next on your list! Although hiking is something that we could do almost everywhere, that includes our neighbourhood, it’s still not a boring itinerary to be considered when you are travelling on the islands such as those in Langkawi.

As Langkawi consists of rainforests with tall trees and animals. Not only is such natural exploration in Langkawi good for your natural exposure, but it also contributes to a healthy mood for fellow travellers, which is the ultimate goal we’re looking for when venturing into nature-oriented places like these. Among all, Bukit Peranak, Gunning Raya, Gunung Mat Cincang, Temurun Waterfall, and Seven Wells Waterfall are the popular places for hiking and jungle trekking in Langkawi.

A few agencies to approach for natural adventure in the nearby area comprise Junglewalla and Dev’s Adventure Tours.

Spa Treatments

(Photo by alan caishan on Unsplash)

If you think that Penang is the only state with a variety of spa and massage services in Malaysia, then maybe you should start looking into Langkawi as well. Arguably as one of the most Thai-influenced locations, Langkawi hosts a few spa and massage services that are authentic with the Siam culture and modern to today’s society as well. After some exhausting physical activities, having a relaxing spa retreat is something that you shouldn’t miss, especially in Langkawi.

Some spa services you may visit in Pantai Tengah are Sari Dewi Spa @ Aseania Resort & Spa, Pelangi Spa @ Pelangi Beach Resort & Spa, Ishan Malaysian Spa, and Yuan Spa.

Night Markets and Window Shopping

(Photo by James Sutton on Unsplash)

Nightlife in Pantai Tengah can be culturally lively too. As one of the tourist spots in Malaysia, Langkawi has several delicious local foods around the street stalls and food courts as well, the same goes to Pantai Tengah. Thus, walking out of the hotels and visiting the nearby night markets, and even doing some window shopping for other souvenirs would be a great idea, if you are not into party scenes and social events in bars.

Here are the two places to try out if this itchy kick comes into your mind: The Zon Duty Free Zone and Temonyong Night Market.

Exploring Pantai Tengah and the places nearby can be more interesting than expected. While there are many fascinating places of interest in Langkawi, Pantai Tengah gives you another good holiday vibes that you can’t resist too. Next, we will uncover delicious food to eat in Pantai Tengah, which is also an unavoidable thing to do when you are there. So stay tuned for the upcoming article.


(Featured Image Credit: Photo by Jay Tun on Unsplash)


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