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6 Interesting Things That Make Hard Rock Hotel Penang A Popular Destination In Batu Ferringhi, Penang

By Joel Teh

Lazing on the beach and enjoying the sunset view with a bottle of beer…

This sounds like a marvelous plan to everyone, thus it turns Batu Ferringhi, a location that is well-known for its long-stretched sandy beaches along a winding road into a touristy spot in Penang. On top of that, people aren’t only seeking a chill joy for themselves but an exciting rock music night out as well. With that being said, Hard Rock Hotel Penang makes itself the only stunning location as it possesses the beauty of these two characteristics in its business nature.

Ranging from the top-notch hospitality services to a set of facilities such as suites, dining areas, kids club, gymnasium, swimming pool, and event halls, Hard Rock Hotel Penang provides more than just these amenities. Thus, it has won its worldly recognition and its name has become famous among people. Today, we’re going to uncover some of their outstanding features which have accelerated their popularity for a long time.

Tabu Teens Club

Unlike most of the 5-star hotels where only kids clubs are available, Hard Rock Hotel Penang supplies not only Roxity Kids Club to the children of ages between 4-12, but they also came up with Tabu Teens Club to keep the teenagers entertained during their free time in the hotel. Apart from the pool tables and video games, this rock-themed hotel offers Mix DJ sessions for whoever requested it upon entering this teens club. Most of the underage guests who wanted concussion blasts reverberating through their chest cavity but can’t experience it in the outside clubs can fulfill their craving in this room.

At the side of this club, hanging around the orangy wall are a bunch of electric guitars. It’s available for free rental among hotel guests only and players normally get a guitar along with a headset, guitar stand, and floor mustang in a full package. Not only are teens allowed to play with them in the teens club, but guests can also request to bring them into their rooms for fun (first come first serve basis). Open from 10am- 10pm daily, Tabu Teens Club becomes one of the highlights that attract families of all ages to spend their nights at Hard Rock Hotel Penang.

Hard Rock Cafe

If you are familiar with the hotel’s history, you’d know that Hard Rock’s originated as a cafe in London, UK back in 1971. With its expansion today around the globe, it’s no surprise to everyone that Hard Rock Cafe can be found in the hotel as well.

There are a few selections of food and beverages that are always satisfying for the eaters’ taste buds. For instance, The Big Cheeseburger, New York Strip Steak, Hot Fudge Brownie, and Homemade Mini-milkshakes are a few popular things from their menu. Moreover, diners often order alcoholic drinks or mocktails from the Cafe’s bar to chill, especially when live band performances are happening at night.

The cafe usually starts its operation from 12pm- 10pm daily. With the current pandemic, they offer takeaway service for those who want to munch their food but can’t be there physically for a long time.

Rock Shops

While most of the hotels out there acquire in-house stores to entertain their customers, Hard Rock Hotel Penang built its exclusive Rock Shops to sell a diverse collection of city-specified limited-edition clothing, accessories, and music-inspired souvenirs. Music enthusiasts typically find this idea exciting as the shops aren’t only displaying items solely made by the Hard Rock headquarter, but products with The Beatles name on them as well. Rock Shops are available in three different places within the hotel compound:

Rock Shop at the Bungalow (selling hotel and cafe merchandise)- open daily, 10am- 9pm.
Rock Shop Too (selling hotel merchandise)- open daily, 8am- 9pm.
Rock Shop Cafe (selling cafe merchandise)- 12pm-10pm (Sunday- Thursday), 12pm- 11pm (Friday & Saturday)

**Due to the recent pandemic, Rock Shop Too and Rock Shop Cafe are temporarily closed until further notice.

The Rock Shop is having its ‘Buy More, Save More!’ promotions until 7th March 2021. Customers can enjoy 10% off with just purchasing one item, 15% for two items, and 20% for three items and above. More details are available on their promotional page.

Rock Spa

Operating from 9am- 9pm daily, the award-winning spa center in Hard Rock Hotel Penang is another compelling feature that attracts many guests to return for visits whenever they come back to Penang. Rock Spa offers a diverse selection of spa treatments such as massages, body scrubs, body wraps, facials, manicures & pedicures, and hair removal. There are particularly three reasons why Rock Spa became another highlight that enhances guests’ “spatastic” experience in this hotel:

  • Rock Spa is geographically located next to the swimming pool. Thus, it’s convenient for those who want a spa treatment after a nice natant.
  • The treatment is done in their boutique-style bungalow or an outdoor private villa. Guests aren’t only enjoying the outdoor treatments, but they also get to appreciate the stunning view of the sea.
  • They provide Rhythm & Motion treatment where spa therapists utilize amplified vibrations, pressures, and patterns as the foundation of their treatments.

Sunset Stage

If you think that having ballrooms, function halls, and the additional space in the beach area is good enough to complete a wedding occasion or events for kids, the Sunset Stage in Hard Rock Hotel Penang is going to top-up the new exposure to your perspective.

On usual days, there are benches around the circular stage for guests to sit and enjoy the sea view, whereas, during event days, the stage will be filled with celebrative vibes and decorations to intensify the audience’s mood.

While every hotel has its facilities that are beneficial for guests during their stay, I’d say Sunset Stage is one of the places in the hotel that are unique and can be found elsewhere.


Another stunning feature of Hard Rock Hotel Penang that makes them special from the other hotels is their Memorabilia, a display of mannequins around the hotel ground with dresses worn by international celebrities.

For over 45 years, Hard Rock International has been the preeminent collector of music and entertainment memorabilia which makes them the world’s largest original curator of music memorabilia with the most far-reaching collection today.

Just within the Hard Rock Hotel Penang itself, there more than 500 pieces of unparalleled rock n’ roll memorabilia from both local and international artists adorn the walls of every level to showcase amazing pieces of music history that set the stage for a one-of-a-kind experience.

The hotel offers a memorabilia tour every Wednesday (11am), Friday, and Saturday through the appointment. This doesn’t only enhance the staycation mood, but it also delivers the historical value to the guests for some knowledge-stimulating experiences.

Hard Rock Hotel Penang has always won my utmost respect with its full-fledged hospitality that is considered astonishing in its way. As a hotel guest, my stay was memorable and pleasant; the hotelier is also exemplary at delivering the finest services and keeping workers motivated when serving the customers. Whenever I come across tourists from other states or overseas who’re looking for luxury accommodation in the Batu Ferringhi area, Hard Rock Hotel Penang will always be the top on my list.

Contact information:
Hard Rock Hotel Penang
Address: Batu Ferringhi Beach, 11100 Batu Ferringhi, Pulau Pinang.
Tel: +6048811711
Email: [email protected]
Social Media: Facebook | Instagram



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