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5 Great Rock Climbing Gyms in Peninsula Malaysia for Your Next Outing

By Max Tan

You’ll experience nothing except the relieving sensation after coming back from a rough climb at the gym.

The nerve-wracking climb boosts your energy, which is the reason why many adrenaline junkies find pleasure in going for rock climbing activities in their free time. Most importantly, you can decide to do it indoors instead of just in nature, so even the storm and turbulence will not stop you from conquests.

There are many outstanding rock climbing gyms in Peninsula Malaysia. We’re going to display 5 of our favourite spots to you. The recommendations may differ from others and are independently selected, but we still hope that they ease you up in choosing a no-regret destination for rock climbing activities during your leisure hours.

Project Rock

(Image credit: Project Rock)


In 2017, Project Rock began its operations in Tanjung Bungah, Penang, and they’re now having the second branch at IKEA Batu Kawan. Many Penangites and tourists from other states in Malaysia would love to visit Project Rock as it provides a really fun and safe environment for fellow climbers with a friendly and good-looking staff, like really good-looking. On top of the climbing activities, Project Rock also sells equipment and other accessories related to sports. It’s definitely a convenient place for you to buy sports products and express your adrenaline rush. The gym is currently selling their tickets on different packages, so this place should be on your bucket list when thinking about going for a stimulating indoor climb.

Contact Information:
Location: Tanjung Bungah & Batu Kawan, Penang.
Contact No: +6010- 948 3009 (Tanjung Bungah), +604- 588 0099 (Batu Kawan)
Email: [email protected]
Social Media: Facebook | Instagram

HangOut Climbing Gym

(Image credit: HangOut Climbing Gym)


Another gym/ fitness center in Penang that deserves your visitation for rock climbing goes to HangOut Climbing Gym. Having also two branches- one located at The Palazzia in Gelugor while the other at Metro Avenue in Jelutong, HangOut Climbing Gym strikes their slogan “Come in, Hang Out” to encourage more climbers to enjoy their leisure time at their safe space for fun and fitness training. The prices they offer are comparatively more reasonable than many places you could find, so be sure to check them out in your free time.

Contact Information:
Location: Gelugor & Jelutong, Penang.
Contact No: +6012- 476 9289
Operating Hours: 10am- 10pm (daily)
Email: [email protected]
Social Media: Facebook | Instagram

Bump Bouldering

(Image credit: BUMP Bouldering)


Built-in the heart of Petaling Jaya, BUMP Bouldering set itself as a fitness center with the best indoor bouldering experience for all visitors who strive for a fit and healthy life. BUMP Bouldering was established in 2019 with full-fledged fitness facilities and rock climbing equipment. One of the interesting highlights about this place is that they host regular events. For instance, “Volume Control Competition” and “The Gaba Cup” are some of the exciting contests with alluring prizes that make this place a fun hangout spot for the jocks. They also provide other activities such as BetaFlow yoga and Friday Social Night to encourage climbers to socialize within the property. It’s definitely a place you don’t want to miss in Selangor.

Contact Information:
Address: Lot 1.051, Level 1, The School, Jaya One, 72A, Jln Profesor Diraja Ungku Aziz, Pjs 13, 46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Contact No: +6018- 360 4355
Email: [email protected]
Operating Hours: 12pm- 10pm (Monday- Friday), 9am- 7pm (Weekends)
Social Media: Facebook | Instagram

Camp5 Climbing Gyms

(Image credit: Camp5 Indoor Climbing 1Utama)


Being expanded to having 5 branches today, Camp5 Climbing offers different unique features at each outlet to excite the multigym members. Ranging from 20m Prowall of Camp5 1Utama, the ABC Wall at Camp5 Paradigm, bouldering at Camp5 Utropolis, the Hydraulic Wall and Fitness Studio at Camp5 Eco City to Camp5 Jumpa shared space, this fitness spot helps you to nurture your motivation in sports through their colour scale system where climbers get to try out different routes of their preferences and receive their grades later. Not only that, but their setter crews are trained to foster fun climbing and help you to push your limits positively. Thus, Camp5 Climbing became another spot that makes it to our list here despite it’s already been a notable go-to among climbers.

Contact Information:
Address: Camp5 1Utama (Petaling Jaya, Selangor)
               Camp5 Paradigm (Skudai, Johor)
               Camp5 Utropolis (Shah Alam, Selangor)
               Camp5 Eco City (Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur)
               Camp5 Jumpa (Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur)
               Camp5 KL East (COMING SOON)
Contact No: +603- 772 60410 (1Utama)
                    +607- 232 7783 (Paradigm)
                    +603- 503 60160 (Ultropolis)
                    +603- 220 14360 (Eco City)
                    +603- 271 37128 (Jumpa)
Email: [email protected]


(Image Credit: ROCKWORLD)


Fully equipped with the 10m top rock walls, bouldering walls, lead climbing walls, multi-pitch walls, and other facilities for team building, ROCKWORLD, the rock climbing gym located at Setia Business Park 2, provides a safe environment for the climbers in Johor. Apart from having professional staff to assist climbers with climbing techniques, ROCKWORLD also offers services such as rock-climbing events, outdoor climbing trips, rock/ wall climbing classes, and workshops. If you are in Johor and would like to release your energy, this is definitely your next stop to explore.

Contact Information:
Address: No. 6, Jln Perniagaan Setia 4, Setia Business Park 2, 81100 Johor Bahru, Johor
Contact No: +6019- 772 9338
Email: [email protected]
Social Media: Facebook | Instagram

Sports are always essential for humans to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Not only are sports important for our physical health, but they are also vital in preserving our mental wellbeing. If you’re tired of the common ball games or other full-body workouts, rock/ wall climbing is an alternative sport that doesn’t just ensure you a fun and healthy leisure time, but it also helps us break through many barriers through its course. We hope you find the 5 recommendations above helpful. There are still many places that you should explore as well, but these top places are great attractions that you won’t regret visiting.

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