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Instagrammable Attractions in Malaysia For Your Spring Photography

By Joel Teh

It’s spring in most countries. While we don’t experience the transition of four seasons in Malaysia, many places are covered with the blossom and fall of Tecoma Trees that added the vibrant scene to this tropical country. You may read the article we published a year ago on the backstory and some fun facts about the Tecoma Trees.

Based on the study by Mongabay (2011), The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations concluded that approximately 20,456,000 hectares of land in Malaysia are forested. Despite the climate change that we’ve been experiencing for the past few years, Malaysia still reserves its environment as a beautiful tropical paradise with flowers and plants for tourism purposes.

We also notice a lot of influencers and social media users with their stunning-looking photos of flora, nature, and the Tecoma “Sakura vibe” all over the feed. To ease your nature exploration, we’ve finalized five attractions in Malaysia that are rich in biodiversity for your Instagram post.

Penang Tropical Spice Garden

(Image credit: Tropical Spice Garden)


The first bio-diverse-themed outdoor museum that’s worth visiting is Tropical Spice Garden, Penang. This six landscape acres destination houses 500 living luxuriant and foreign flora from around the world. Its core value, Spice Farm, centers around the idea of community empowerment where it brings people together, amplifies their voices, inspires one another, and builds resilience.

Apart from the park for visitors to walk through, Tropical Spice Garden is also recognized as one of the best flower gardens in Malaysia that hosts cultural arts workshops and events. If you need a spiritually uplifting experience with nature, Tropical Space Garden is definitely a place for your soul and the camera.

Entopia by Penang Butterfly Farm

(Photo by Alex Chan on Unsplash)


Another instagrammable place that’s close to the Tropical Spice Garden is the Entopia. If you want to look classy with a lively out-of-classroom vibe, this is a contemporary that you shouldn’t miss. Entopia used to be named after Penang Butterfly Farm and is now a house of over 200 species of flora and 150 species of fauna for bug lovers of all ages.

Not only are they displaying many things that would stimulate the biological interest among visitors, but the indoor environment of the entire house is also beyond fascination. The discovery hub consists of two parts- The Natureland which features the ecological garden, and The Cocoon with various indoor interactive edu-stations. It’s a location with many corners for selfies and nature discovery.

Cameron Highland Flora Park, Pahang

(Image credit: @ch_flora_park)


This new place in Cameron Highland is definitely a spot that you shouldn’t let slip off your bucket list. Cameron Highland Flora Park is another biodiversity hotspot with dense forests, farms, resorts, and more. While Cameron Highland is already famous for its greenish land and natural scenery, CH Flora Park is considered one of the most outstanding parks with a rich flower plantation that has captured the attention of many travellers to drop by and take photos.

If the pink sea flowers give you the energy that you crave, this place is even more suitable as they have the picnic sets on the booths ready for you. Not only is the park a good place for your picnic aesthetic, but there are also many insta-worthy grounds within that are just too beautiful to miss.

Art & Garden by Fuan Wong

(Image credit: Art and Garden)


The Owner, Fuan Wong started his venture of combining arts amidst the garden as a floral gallery in his durian orchard in 2015. The Art & Garden features a lot of Fuan’s plant collections all over the place with a mixture of glass sculptures and other artworks by different artists as well.

As the orchard is at the hillside, visitors aren’t only getting fresh air, but the scenic view of the forest, all owned by Fuan himself. If you are an ingenious person and would like to see the beauty of how creative arts could blend into greenish nature, you should drop by this charming place for an eye-opening exploration and a quality photoshoot of course.

The Secret Garden, Selangor

(Video by Malaysia Travel Guide. Check out the instructions to reach The Secret Garden at One Utama)

The video above has very thorough instructions for visitors to skip through the maze and reach the spot in no time. Located at the new wing upper roof of One Utama, Petaling Jaya, The Secret Garden is a house to approximately 500 types of flora for the nature wanderers. This hotspot is a 30,000 sq ft high-tech rooftop sanctuary that’s 35 metres above the ground, which makes it the largest botanical garden in Southeast Asia.

Another fun fact of The Secret Garden is that their plants are specially created on a bed of bio-carbon soil and meticulously nurtured by a team of renowned botanists. It’s a haven for the shoppers to take a break from the busy shopping pace and enjoy the beauty of the rooftop garden. Certainly, it’s a must-go destination for your Insta stories and posts content.

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