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Travel Within Malaysia After Getting Fully Vaccinated

By Joel Teh

Many restrictions are happening in times of pandemic, especially when the daily cases increase rapidly; in fact, many are still waiting for their turn to undertake vaccination.

Everyone hopes their life will transition back to normal as soon as it could go, hence the panic vaccine schedule to speed up the process. We expect the vaccinations to help us achieve herd immunity, but studies have shown that those who have completed the vaccination are still vulnerable to the spread of the virus and may not have enough antibodies against the variants.

While travelling will be an inevitable part of our lives sooner or later even if the virus isn’t totally wiped out from Malaysia, many wonder about the precautions to look out for despite getting fully vaccinated.

The Current SOPs For Those Who Have Been Fully Vaccinated in Malaysia

Recognizing that most citizens have completed their vaccine doses, the local government came out with a set of SOPs for these people to follow. The guidelines vary depending on the recovery plan in different locations, but the common relaxed SOPs are as follows:

  • Indoor dining is allowed; outdoor dining with good ventilation is encouraged.
  • Patrons are instructed to present MySejahtera digital vaccine certificate.
  • Fully vaccinated parents may dine in with their children aged 17 and below with strict SOPs apply.
  • Night and weekend markets are allowed.
  • Picnic and camping are allowed, with strict SOPs apply to those aged 17 and below.
  • Non-physical contact outdoor leisure, sports, and recreational activities are allowed between 6pm and 10pm.
  • Staycations at hotels and homestays are allowed in NRP Phase 2 & 3 states only. 

The current National Recovery Plan (NRP) progression in each state includes:

  • Phase 1- Kedah, Selangor, KL, Putrajaya, Negeri Sembilan, Melaka, Johor.
  • Phase 2- Penang, Perak, Pahang, Kelantan, Terengganu, Sabah.
  • Phase 3- Perlis, Sarawak, Labuan.

Recommendations For Fully Vaccinated People

Fully vaccinated individuals are less likely to get caught with COVID-19 or being the carrier of this virus to others. Nonetheless, it doesn’t avoid the possibility completely as travelling itself imposes a certain level of risks. Moreover, we’re facing the rise of variants from different locations nowadays. Here are a few recommendations to keep you safe.

Before you travel: Always do your research before visiting any destinations. You are encouraged to understand and follow all rules related to the SOPs to ensure your safety at all times. Keep yourself posted on the updates of COVID-19 SOPs by the government to minimize the risks.

During vacation: Make sure you strictly follow the precautionary measures and requirements at these places, including wearing face masks, preserving social distance, and headcount rationing. Don’t forget to constantly sanitize your hands whenever and avoid touching your eyes, nose, and lips as well.

After travel: Remember to go shower right after you return home. If you are from the Phase 2 & 3 states and went staycation at hotels or homestays, it’s advisable that you conduct self-quarantine to be safe and get your swab test done if you develop symptoms.

A Short PSA To All

As stated above, everyone, despite getting fully vaccinated, is still susceptible to the virus. Until today, we still have plenty who haven’t received their jabs, so COVID-19 is still an alarming epidemic to these vulnerable people.

We are progressing, but still not as free as how it used to be. With that being said, each and everyone of us should keep up with the public health measures until the pandemic is completely wiped off. We urge everyone to stay safe and be responsible for our loved ones in this unprecedented time.

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