Monday, Mar 02

Life At Tourplus (February)

By Max Tan

Yup, its the end of the month again. So starting from today we decided to share our activities with all of you our Tourplus blog readers out there. So this is Life at Tourplus for the month of February.


Lunch & Learn ????

Each week, Tourplus gives employees a day to gather together and have lunch together. This day is called lunch and learn. Because they take place during lunch, they are generally voluntary and have a less formal atmosphere than a structured training session or seminar.

Tourplus Team having a group photo while lunch and learn session

Free Mask Giveaway ????

As we all know, Covid-19 has struck various societies worldwide and is starting to make its presence felt in Malaysia tourism industry. To show our support to the tourism industry, on 14th February 2020 our Tourplus team held a free Mask Giveaway Day at 3 different tourist attractions which are Batu Caves, Royal Selangor and Kuala Lumpur City Gallery. The giveaway was limited to one pack of 2 pieces of masks per person???? Also thanks to MODEN 摩登 for the mask supply

Tourplus Team member distributing mask to tourist
Tourplus Team member distributing mask to tourist

But don’t worry. Traveling to Malaysia is perfectly safe. Just remember to hire your own driver-guide ???? with tourplus . p/s our driver-guide are all virus-free. Plan and personalise your trip to Malaysia with low risk and clean travel with Tourplus apps or just visit our website.

Brainstorming Session

Creativity breeds innovation, and vice versa. And in today’s highly commoditized marketplace of ideas, those two traits are imperative to success. To keep the creativity and ideas for Tourplus up and running we had a brainstorming session to brings people together into the creative process and increases the social nature of the upcoming project and plans.

Tourplus Team member having a brainstorming session at the office.


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