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Medical Tourism and An Exclusive COVID Test For You

By Joel Teh

Travel’s often being associated with fun, adventure, and enjoyment which can really lift a prospect tourist on cloud nine when the dates of pursuing it are approaching. When we plan for our journey, it’s usual that we focus so much on the positive side, but includes human health as part of the consideration, medical tourism and travel insurance ended up coming into the picture as well.

As the saying goes “life is as unpredictable as the weather”, this topic has become so important that you don’t want to skip reading this article today.

What is Medical Tourism?

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National Cancer Institute on Unsplash)

So, what exactly is medical tourism and why is it essential?

Unlike travel insurance, medical tourism is a term coined for those who intentionally travel abroad just for medical treatment. People usually go for this approach under three factors- to obtain better medication from a more developed country, receive treatment at a cheaper price from a developed country to a developing one, and some may endure the treatments that aren’t available in their home country.

In general, medical tourism is important as it expounds on the cost-effectiveness of the treatments given in a country, accelerates the usage of cutting-edge technology, enables the win-win financial situation for some countries (low cost for developed countries and higher pay in return for the developing countries), and allows the patients to endure physical healing and sightseeing in local places simultaneously.

While that being so, Malaysians should be proud that our nation is one of the top preference people seeking medical treatments in Southeast Asia.

Medical Tourism and COVID-19

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As a travel destination, Malaysia has always been a peak country for medical tourism. However, the closure of the country’s border due to the lockdown has significantly dented the growth in this aspect.

To survive in this unprecedented time, several online health activities are carried out by the Mahkota Medical Centre to engage with the foreigners while the travel ban is still happening. Of course, this isn’t the end of the initiatives.

While many can’t come in, just like how those who stay in Malaysia and can’t get out, the medical treatments are eligible for the expats, digital nomads who are still living here, migrants, and some NGOs even took the extra miles to get swab tests done for the refugees too. All the zing of aids to curtail the spread of COVID-19.

We’ve been seeing people getting vaccinated, but that doesn’t stop the work of examining the COVID traceability on the potential patients as a precautionary measure. The Swab and PCR tests are taken to diagnose the virus which, by the way, leads to an exclusive offer that we want to share with you today.

Exclusive RT-PCR COVID Test For You

We’ve seen people raising the slogan- Slow The Spread! The idea isn’t just to discourage people from mass gatherings and outdoor activities, but it also educates people on the importance of getting a Swab or PCR test done, with or without experiencing any symptoms.

Tourplus, an online travel agency and also a social travel app, is collaborating with BP Healthcare’s Doctor2U, a one-stop healthcare app for COVID test, to provide an exclusive discount offer to the public. By using the promo code given by Tourplus to schedule a test on the Doctor2U webpage, a sum of 10% discount will be given in no time (hassle-free). This campaign begins on 2nd July 2021 and aims to aid as many people to save money for the test as possible.

The registration isn’t difficult at all. Here are the steps to guide you through the process once you have entered their webpage.


  1. Select the outlet, click ‘pre-order now’.

  2. Fill up the form, click ‘check out’.

  3. Insert Promo Code- TPD2U10, click ‘apply’.

  4. Choose the payment method, ‘proceed to payment’.


For more queries and support, you can contact them at 03-9212 0193 / 012-952 5750 or write in your email to [email protected].

About BP Healthcare

For 39 years of innovation and transformation, BP Healthcare Group is an indisputable leader in Malaysia, Singapore, and Cambodia Healthcare Industry with the coverage of comprehensive health care in Medical Practitioners, Hospitals, and Corporate Clients.

BP Healthcare Group has undergone aggressive expansion and transformation since its establishment in 1982. Today, the group has become one of the country’s leading integrated healthcare providers with core competence and innovative strength in the diagnostic, laboratory, and medical technologies, complemented by other specialized healthcare services. The group has remained relentless in its pursuit of healthcare services of the highest quality for its customers.

To this end, the group continues to strive towards innovative technological advancement in the medical and clinical arena made possible through a concerted and continuous commitment to investing in ICT, state-of-the-art medical devices and equipment, and improving manpower training as well.

(Information from BP Healthcare Corporate Site)

About Tourplus

Tourplus, a personalized travel platform, is an OTA that provides an online local travel guide (certified driver guides and customizable itineraries with reviews available to ease tourists’ user experience) to tourists.

Itineraries such as flights, F&B outlets, shopping malls, hospitality and accommodations, tourist attractions, and more are inevitable items on a trip. Hence, Tourplus came in handy by collating merchants into the list of choices for users to browse through before making decisions.

Currently, Tourplus is moving towards becoming a social travel app that doesn’t only serve as a catalog for users to browse through recommended places, but also a place for social networking among travellers, which makes it more interesting to be acquired, and it’s manufactured in Malaysia. We hope you enjoy using Tourplus for your travel discovery in this multiracial country.


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