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3 Ways Tourplus Can Help You Travel Safely In Times of Pandemic

By Joel Teh

You’ve made up your mind! It’s been so long since the last time you travelled somewhere, and you can’t hold your itchy feet anymore. After browsing through the options, you decided to visit Langkawi for a relaxing time-out at the beach, and probably for some chocolates. You have confidence that your plan is flawless, and you can’t wait for it to happen.

Everything seems smooth until a dilemma hits you. Are you thinking of taking a flight but unsure about the interstate restrictions that may destruct your plan? Or, do you have concerns approaching the right travel agency that could ensure your safety while travelling? These are the common setbacks that would arise when you plan for a trip, but they put us on the catastrophizing thoughts which affect our travel motivation.

We understand how disappointing it makes you feel. Here’s why we came out with this article today to explain why you shouldn’t be put-off by the external obstacles that can be resolved.

You may have heard of us. Tourplus is an online travel agency (OTA) or also a social-travel app that allows users to discover local hidden gems while sharing their travel experiences simultaneously. Keep reading if you want to find out our ways of ensuring your safety to travel anywhere you like within Malaysia without hassle.

Flying To Langkawi: Airport Transfer Program

Before we get into those details, we have got some good news for you!

As an OTA, we also provide users a hassle-free direct airport transfer to and from any airport personalized according to different preferences. In conjunction with the national relaxation recovery plan by the government, we are offering KUL Private Airport Transfer service at the flat rate of RM60 (No toll fees apply) for those who wish to travel to Langkawi by flight. Check out our campaign webpage for more details.

From 16th September 2021, the travel bubble initiative by the tourism recovery plan becomes available for all fully vaccinated nationwide tourists who wish to visit Langkawi for a getaway. The announcement was made by the Ministry of Tourism Arts, and Culture on 9th September 2021 with the SOPs as follow:

  • The tourism bubble is only eligible for fully vaccinated individuals, except those living in the EMCO areas.
  • Children below 18 without vaccinations are allowed to travel with fully vaccinated parents.
  • Tourists must present their digital certificate of COVID-19 vaccination whenever asked by the authorities.
  • Tourists must bring along the receipts and booking confirmation as evidence that they are visiting Langkawi for vacation.
  • Tourists are allowed to travel by flight and land. However, they are instructed to book the transportations through a tour agency if they journey by land.
  • Ferris will only operate at limited frequencies from Kuala Kedah and Kuala Perlis.
  • Most travel activities are allowed to resume, such as nature parks, aquariums, zoos, museums, galleries, theme parks, and other activities such as watersports, jungle trekking, hiking, camping, island hopping, and more.
  • Hotel facilities and amenities such as swimming pools, gyms, and lounges can resume their operations as usual.
  • Everyone still requires to follow the SOPs to minimize the risk of virus outbreak despite the relaxation applied.

The latest news from the government has also enforced a policy that all tourists are required to take a swab test prior to their departure. The procedures are written as below:

  • PCR or RTK swab test within 48 hours before your departure and bring along the test results for the checking in the airports or ferry terminals.
  • Bring along your self-purchased saliva testing kits to the airports or ferry terminals and do the test at the screening sites.
  • Purchase the saliva testing kits at the screening sites in airports or ferry terminals and do the test on the spot.

If any of these procedures have proven you to be negative, you may proceed with your trip to Langkawi.

In the aviation industry itself, several protocols are implemented to ensure the safety of flight attendants and passengers. Read more about the airline travel updates that we published before if you want to know more about the preventive measures on flights.

3 Reasons To Travel With Tourplus During The Pandemic

Travelling with the promotional offer and transportation services from a tour agency sounds perfectly feasible if someone just put this idea on your plate, but let’s get real: How sure are you that the given agency is a channel that you can really rely on, especially in the pandemic?  Fret not, as we’re going to unveil doubts from you with the assurances below.

#1. Tourplus Is A Licensed Travel Company

We are a licensed travel agency with the code KPL/LN9747 registered. Not only are we a valid agent for your choice, but we also issue qualified transporters to your service, and our receipt is recognized by the authorities.

Although the recent announcement by the Health Minister, Khairy Jamaluddin, has waived the need of getting a police permission letter when flying to Langkawi, tourists are mandated to travel with a tour agency if by land and bring along the documents (receipt and approval letter) as part of the safety protocols. Meanwhile, other states are in the recovery phase, which means stricter procedures are still necessary when crossing the states. Thus, Tourplus came off as a solution for you to overcome these situations.

#2. Fully Vaccinated Drivers & Sanitized Vehicles

We perceive users’ health and safety well-being as our priority. This isn’t us making a statement as to how a usual agency should highlight, but we mean what we said.

One of the ways to verify that is through our drivers and their vehicles. As we understand that COVID-19 is the main concern we all have while travelling in times like these, our system requires all transporters to update their vaccination status. By that, we allow only fully vaccinated drivers to pick up passengers from Tourplus. Moreover, our policy also necessitates the action of disinfecting their vehicles regularly to curtail the spread of the virus.

Thus, it doesn’t matter whether you travel by land with us or get our transporters to fetch you to and from the airport, be rest assured that we’re doing our best to ensure your safety.

#3. Professional and Friendly Services

Another thing people are concerned about all the time is the service they are receiving. Are you getting what you paid? Or, things may still be good but you lowkey feel that the money you paid doesn’t par with the services given?

With Tourplus, we hope to satisfy your needs for both safety and comfort as well. Not only are our transporters friendly and would pick you up or send you off at any location of your choice, that includes your doorstep, but they are also the qualified drivers with a justified license on hand. On top of that, we allow users to provide feedback and reviews after the ride, and we take them seriously.

Apart from the transporters, we take our app and social media platform as a channel for people to subscribe and retrieve useful information and updates on various key topics in the tourism sector. By that, we can ensure your convenience as you will get almost everything you need when travelling just from Tourplus.

Comprehensively, we strive to make our brand a unicorn in South East Asia, and we hope to achieve it someday. Unlike other OTAs, where private tour arrangement is the name of the game, your options at Tourplus are essentially a social travel app, room for travel information, airport transportation service, tour bookings- all available under the same medium. Not only Langkawi, but we hope you can travel anywhere in Malaysia without fuss through Tourplus.

About Tourplus

Tourplus, a personalized travel platform, is an online travel agency (OTA) that provides a digital local travel guide (certified driver guides and customizable itineraries with reviews available to ease tourists’ user experience) to tourists.

Itineraries such as flights, F&B outlets, shopping malls, hospitality and accommodations, tourist attractions, and more are inevitable items on a trip. Hence, Tourplus came in handy by collating merchants into the list of choices for users to browse through before making decisions.

Currently, Tourplus is moving towards becoming a social travel app that doesn’t only serve as a catalog for users to browse through recommended places, but also a place for social networking among travellers, which makes it more interesting to be acquired, and it’s manufactured in Malaysia. We hope you enjoy using Tourplus for your travel discovery in this multiracial country.


(Featured Image Credit: Photo by Eva Darron on Unsplash)


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