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FREE Tix Giveaway: 3 Reasons Why You Should Camp Overnight At Sunway Lagoon Theme Park

By Joel Teh

Malaysia is diverse in an eye-opening way, so is Sunway Lagoon, one of Malaysia’s most famous water amusement parks in Selangor. Ranging from all adventure parks, ride activities, to the dining options within its 88 acres of land property, it’s not surprising that Sunway Lagoon attained its reputation as an internationally well-known tourist destination located in Bandar Sunway.

Commonly, we see families and friends visiting Sunway Lagoon for vacation, but what about entering it and staying overnight in their campsite for FREE? Surely, this offer is going to blow your mind, and we’ll explain to you the ways to get it in this article.

TRY4FREE X [Free2STAY&Play] Camp Woody

You may have heard about the TRY4FREE lucky draw campaign from us. We are giving away free vouchers and passes from this initiative. There will be different themes each week, such as Free2Play at Skytrex Parks, 5-star hotels, Wholesome City Stay at The Gardens, Discover The Stay, Point of Interest, Food Discovery, Back2Adventure, Go Langkawi, Paradise Sabah, and Fin-tastic Scarborough, Seascape Langkawi, and Yacht Voyage.

Why stress about life when you could bond with nature and have fun? Camp Woody offers FREE twin tickets to lucky winners to exciting services below (all brought to you by Sunway Lagoon Theme Park):

  • Camp facilities
  • Breakfast for 2
  • BBQ dinner for 2
  • All parks access
  • 10% discounts for pay-per-ride activities, lockers, and tubes rental

As long as you participate in the program from 29th October 2021 to 12th November 2021, you are entitled to our lucky draw session for the FREE twin tickets giveaway. All are valid until 31st December 2022.

Getting thrilled just by hearing about this offer? Keep reading if you are interested. More exciting FREE voucher giveaways will be carried out in the following weeks, so stay tuned to our blog and social media too.

Camp-out @ Sunway Lagoon

You may have sensed the exuberant vibes from the guide and itinerary above. These are the items that came under the package of RM590, but if you win it, you’ll enjoy all of them free of charge.

Stationed in the middle of Sunway Lagoon, Camp-out is a hub that provides the upgraded lush camping experience with food and private pools, all under the beauty of the luminous sky. With its lavish camping style, you can expect a fun-thrilling getaway experience from this initiative.

3 Reasons Why Camping Overnight in Sunway Lagoon Is Fun


1. You explore different worlds in its premise

Have you ever watched those movies with people walking in and out of different world dimensions through different doors? There’s always a portal that connects them to these doors that take them to different places. That’s basically what you’ll get in Sunway Lagoon where its theme park enables you to explore different parks for fun.

The adventure zones in Sunway Lagoon consist of six fun themes that escalate the fun in this haven- Water Park, Amusement park, X Park, Wildlife Park, Scream Park, and Nickelodeon Lost Lagoon (Asia’s first Nickelodeon Themed Land). You can enjoy them all through this camp package.


2. Stress free!

Assignment deadlines, never-ending workload, family chores, human dramas, bad traffic…do these sound too familiar to you? If so, you definitely need a break from stress and the hasty lifestyle, and Sunway Lagoon is a place you should consider putting it on your bucket list.

When you’re enjoying yourself at the park, you’re less likely to think about the negative elements in life that bother you a lot. With many fun distractions available, spending your holiday at Sunway Lagoon is going to fill your mind and body up with interesting activities. You wouldn’t even spend as much time on gadgets as you usually do.

It’s a paradise for you to just live in the moment and indulge in quality time with yourself.


3. Face Your Fear!

If this image is sending chills down your spine and all you could feel is dizziness, you’re trapped in a mixture of two conditions- Acrophobia (fear of height) and Veloxrotaphobia (fear of roller coasters).

Coming from similar emotional constraints, I always dread taking rides that would take me on high-speed or 360-degree spins throughout the journey. People always find visiting theme parks with me a waste of time and money as I don’t enjoy these activities that make people shriek, except bumper cars and haunted houses.

There was once where my friend tricked me into taking a commotion ride with him in another theme park. I screamed the entire time but was extremely satisfied after the ride. I ended up taking the same ride three times simply because I learned to enjoy it. I can’t describe the satisfaction of conquering fear just to get access to more fun, but I believe it would be a blessing to you too if you’re willing to step out of your comfort zone.

Since you may enter the park for free, why don’t you take it as a free lesson to smash your fear?

How To Participate?

We are sure that you are excited about the FREE campsite and exciting leisure experience in Sunway Lagoon. Here are some easy steps to get you into the TRY4FREE lucky draw session:

  • Follow the instructions on our social media (Facebook & Instagram)
  • Click the link to participate
  • Click the button- ‘Click To Participate’
  • Fill up the details and submit (Good Luck!)
  • Your lucky draw participation will be recorded

Be sure to submit your entry from 29th October 2021 to 12th November 2021. We have 2 twin tickets to be given away. So hurry up before it’s too late! More instructions will be notified upon the winner’s announcement.

Travelling during the National Recovery Plan (NPR)

Meanwhile, be sure to check out the latest SOPs before travelling.

  • The tourism bubble is only eligible for fully vaccinated individuals, except those living in the EMCO areas.
  • Children below 18 without vaccinations are allowed to travel with fully vaccinated parents.
  • Tourists must present their digital certificate of COVID-19 vaccination whenever asked by the authorities.
  • Tourists must bring along the receipts and booking confirmation as evidence that they are visiting for vacation.
  • Tourists are allowed to travel by flight and land. However, they are instructed to book the transportations through a tour agency if they journey by land.
  • Most travel activities are allowed to resume, such as nature parks, aquariums, zoos, museums, galleries, theme parks, and other activities such as watersports, jungle trekking, hiking, camping, island hopping, and more.
  • Hotel facilities and amenities such as swimming pools, gyms, and lounges can resume their operations as usual.
  • Everyone still requires to follow the SOPs to minimize the risk of virus outbreak despite the relaxation applied.
  • Swab test is essential prior to departure.

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