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FREE Giveaway: Win Your Booster Drink Like A Pro

By Joel Teh

We all love having booster drinks once in a while to uplift up our energy, especially after your strenuous body workout or a long day at work. Nonetheless, as accessible as it seems, not everyone can afford cafe-hopping or supplement products at all times with the quality of price given.

Are you thinking of having a chocolaty beverage or something that stirs your coffee acidity? Lucky you, we’ve got a special offer for you. All you need to do is sign up for our TRY4FREE campaign and stand a chance to win a free voucher that provides you coffee or chocolate drink. Most importantly, it is free of charge!

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TRY4FREE X [Free2Eat] The Caffeine of Joy

You may have heard about the TRY4FREE lucky draw campaign from us. We are giving away free vouchers and passes from this initiative. There will be different themes each week, such as Free2Play at Skytrex Parks, 5-star hotels, Wholesome City Stay at The Gardens, Discover The Stay, Point of Interest, Food Discovery, Back2Adventure, Go Langkawi, Paradise Sabah, Fin-tastic Scarborough, Seascape Langkawi, Yacht Voyage, Camp Woody, Tropical Vibes#Decode, Wrapping Up, Crossover, and Laser On.

The Caffeine of Joy offers 20 vouchers for lucky winners to get Immucafe 19 or Immucocoa 19 (coffee and chocolate flavours) at Glorious Health Sdn Bhd (redeemable until 30th May 2022). As long as you participate in the program from 18th March 2022 to 1st April 2022, you’ll stand a chance to win a voucher for a free booster drink.

Getting thrilled just by hearing about this offer? Keep reading if you are interested. More exciting FREE voucher giveaways will be carried out in the following weeks, so stay tuned to our blog and social media too.


Interesting Facts About The Xnergy Immune Booster Dose

(Image Disclaimer: The subjects shown are the products for this giveaway campaign while the visual artwork of the image is redesigned for this blog’s purpose.)


The Immucafe 19/ Immucocoa 19 you are getting from this campaign isn’t just the usual booster drinks that you get elsewhere. There are several benefits that you will attain from them, such as immune booster properties, sugar and cholesterol levels stabilization, body weight and blood pressure preservation, and the reduction of inflammation and allergic related to Otorhinolaryngology.

While there’s no magical formula even for these two products to completely detach someone from getting infected by the COVID-19, the booster drinks possess high levels of healthy ingredients that may reduce the risk of the virus on the consumer’s body. For instance, Tiger Milk Mushroom (TMM), Malaysian’s most treasured medicinal mushroom that’s effective for lung and respiratory illnesses recovery, along with Beta Glucan, Colostrum, and Soluble Fiber are the enrichments included to produce these booster drinks. Not only are they tasty to drink, but they also provide sufficient nutrients for treating those who suffer from long COVID.

The steps of drinking them are simple. Just take a packet, add 150ml of warm water, and stir them just as how you would do with other malted powder products. By sipping a cup a day, you will strengthen your antibody gradually.

How To Participate?

We are sure that you are excited about the booster drinks from Glorious Health Sdn Bhd that would help you withstand this pandemic and refresh your mind in your daily life. Here are some easy steps to get you into the TRY4FREE lucky draw session:

  • Follow the instructions on our social media (Facebook & Instagram)
  • Click the link to participate
  • Fill up the details and submit (Good Luck!)
  • Your lucky draw participation will be recorded

Also, recommend your friends for joining and stand a higher chance of winning. Be sure to submit your entry from 11th March 2022 to 25th March 2022. We have 20 single vouchers to be given away. So hurry up before it’s too late! More instructions will be notified upon the winner’s announcement.

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